Engage Parents with Simple, Easy, Wins
Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kwan Porter a Family and Children’s Pastory, here in the Kansas City Metro. And I get to share with you today about how to creatively engage parents into your children’s ministry.

I’m going to give you 3 words – simple, easy, wins.

I need you think about:

  1. Simple – people feel like this isn’t complicated, “I can do that.”
  2. Easy – then they’re going to attempt to do that.
  3. And then if they’re Winning, they’re going to continue to do it.

The best way to look at this is two ways. Inside your weekend services and outside your weekend services. Let’s start with the weekend services.

Inside of a Service

Think about, “What are you already doing?”

For us, one of our values is that we present the gospel very regularly in our church. Even in our children’s ministries, our weekend services, we present the gospel. So, a simple, easy win for us looks like this.

Something that we’re already doing, presenting the gospel – let’s say we have a family night, like a big event like that. Or maybe it’s not even a big event, but you just have your families together, and you present the gospel. The pastor, or your kid’s director, or another pastor presents the gospel from the stage.

Then, after you present the gospel, put the prayer up on the screen. And then you invite your parents to ask your children, “Would you like to receive Christ? You want to pray to have Jesus in your life?” And then the parents get to read the prayer that’s on the screen, and lead their kids to Christ.

We actually just did this in our church, and it was a huge win. And so the parents recognized that this is really simple. “It’s easy. I can do that. I can read off the screen.” And then they’re winning. And if they can do that, then they’re going to continue to have confidence, and feel like, “Man, I can really lead my children spiritually.” And that’s a great win for the ministry over all.

So now think about, in your church, what are some things that you do? What’s the value for you that you can help to connect your parents into it by giving them a simple, easy win?

Outside of  a Service

Outside of the weekend service, well, there’s lots of things you can do. One thing that we’re looking at doing is really encouraging your parents to pray. And you can put some parameters on in it that are going to make them feel like this is simple, it’s easy, and they can win at doing it.

So you say, “Hey, take 2 minutes this week with your child, and just pray for your child’s ministry leader and their classroom.” And you give them that framework of 2 minutes, where you just pray with them there.

And guess what? Chances are they’re going to do it. They’re going to help their kids to engage in that as well. It’s easy, they’re winning, it’s great. You can even have them post on social media who they prayed for that week, and really share that win as well.

So I want you to think about your ministry. What are some things that you’re currently doing right now, that you can think about, “How can I engage families? How can I engage my parents with simple, easy wins, where they’re going to feel connected to our ministry and they’re going to have success?”

With that, just know that we’re praying for you, and we believe that you’re going to have some great things come out of this if you apply those 3 easy words.

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